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Purposful Site Visits

We have mentioned our belief in the importance of visiting each building site through out the various phases of construction. There is critical value in ensuring on-site problems are resolved with immediacy and collaborative efforts from the designer, contractor, and specialized subs. The Imbue gentlemen are fortunate to work with great builders who inform us when construction issues arise...and they love us when we point out details not to be overlooked. We documented three visits made this past week with projects in various stages of their building life; from finish, to rough electrical and plumbing, to rough framing.  
Grellow and Cedar
Color Layers
'Utah Sky' is the name of this paint
This is the Master Bedroom
Olympus Cove, Wave Roof
Mighty Mount Olympus
Fall at the Cove
Outdoor Bath Inside the House
House to the South - Grover, Utah
Entry Porch
Served Space [Left], Service Space [Right]
Garage Door for a Living Room

by matt