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Buddhist Retreat Photographed

Countless thanks to all those involved with this desert sanctuary: first and foremost marci milligan who provided in epic proportion the energy, inspiration and vision necessary to command such beauty;  Robert Fordham (butch) who had the cojones to take on such a unique and technical build with out so much as a hint of perspiration; Miss Ann and Mary Jane for their unwavering support;  one great sub contractor after another (we would never have expected such a tight crew for such a sparsely populated area);  Ron Green of The Green Ant for making us look so damn good with the finest mid-century furniture spread in southern Utah;  Modern Union for creating cabinetry only conceived of in dreams until now;  and of course Wayne county for the easiest permit ever attained.

We couldn't be happier with the outcome, enjoy the photography.

Rooftop Deck / Entry Transition


Living Space

Dining Room


Kitchen / Entry

Master Bedroom


Home Office

The view / Meditation Space

Covered Patio

Buddha blessed Gabion Cages

Path from future outbuilding

Locally gathered stone

Living + Private Volumes


Ipe Wood


The Crepuscular hour


The Buddhist Retreat

by Talvy