Modern Home + Commercial Design Firm in Utah

Imbue founders and principals Matt Swindel, Chris Talvy, and Hunter Gundersen in their Salt Lake City architecture studio


verb (im-byoo') ― to inspire or influence thoroughly; to permeate with meaning or quality; to charge or fire

our firm

We are a modern design firm, minimalists at heart. 

Fresh out of architecture grad school and anxious to work, we were immediately disillusioned by the amount of soulless architecture being produced in Salt Lake City. Rather than following the traditional architecture career path at a large firm, working on someone else's grocery store bathroom design, we decided to do our own thing. 

We founded Imbue Design on four principles: 1. refuse to do work we aren't fully in love with, 2. make every project portfolio worthy for showing off, 3. architecture must have real meaning without being stuffy or esoteric, 4. never compromise principle #1. 

Since 2008 we've been sitting at the same ten foot desk rubbing elbows and doing what we love ― imbuing architecture with meaning.

our work

Modern isn't a style, it's a lifestyle ― a mode of thinking, a way of being. 

Our mission is to enrich the lives of discerning individuals through the beauty of simplicity and the freedom of thoughtful space. Our goal is to promote the virtues of living consciously and authentically. We believe in quality over quantity, function over decoration, architecture over building, home over house.

Through simplicity our work helps its occupants live deliberately. Through minimalism it provides abundance.

Though our work is mostly comprised of custom homes and commercial spaces, we're psyched to collaborate with great people on anything they’re passion about.  

Rock Canyon  home - modern bathroom vanity sporting rectangular white vessel sinks and chrome wall mount faucets