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Rossi Hill Project

The Imbue team has been busy over the holiday break, two new proposals and a sundance instalation left little time for eggnog. The following post is a proposal for the largest infill project to boot in old town park city.  A very interesting design opportunity existing with the rossi hill site.... stay true to our modern roots yet respect the historical relevance in the area.   This vernacular based modern design  houses incredible sustainable measures and is designed to Passive House standards.  Some great features included: R70 super insulated walls, louvered windows, photovoltaic panels, south orientation, passive solar, natural materials, LED lighting, heat chimneys and more...  Stay tuned for future development on Rossi Hill.

Form reacts to sloping site

Offset masses improve the visual impact from the street

Maximized south gain

Look closely you will recognize the Rossi Hill Development
by Talvy