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Buddhist Retreat.....

Yesterday was a very exciting day for Marci Milligan and the Imbue crew.   We started the morning with a Rawbean Coffee and a four hour drive accompanied by the most beautiful sunrise this year.  Once on site we were more than impressed with Robert Fordhams (Butch as the locals call him) tight construction practices.  His work expressed a level of craftsmanship parallel to that of a Stienway and son's piano maker. Butch's framing was lazer straight, the concrete slab was immaculate, the job was clean and the owner happy.  Kudos Mr. Fordham, we very much appreciate your enthusiasm and look forward to our next visit down south.

Formal reaction to views

Tight Fordham Framing

Secluded master suite

Imbue labor union

Web purchased plans...

Wayne county beam inspector

Architects dream; sheetrockers nightmare

Well endowed or anti-freeze plumbing valve?
by Talvy