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Eightline Photoshoot

 Kelly Hannah is a man; a real man's man... a man with a vision; with a drive to truly create a different, innovative real estate experience comprised of collaborative, ongoing relationships with client and community.  Naturally, he wanted a collaborative space that would embody such a philosophy: open, unobstructed, different, nothing hidden, offering work space for employees, clientele, and community members alike.  Kelly, from the men and Imbue, we salute you.

The collaboration table reflecting the Eightline logo.
The place where homeowner dreams come true.
The man himself.
Collaboration. Relaxation. Contemplation.  Libation!
Cozy spot for signing on the line.
Client/community work station.
Reading for research, education, and enjoyment.
Simple pallet: cherry wood, concrete, and steel.
Continuous band of cherry circumscribes the area where collaboration happens.
Cherry hardwood flooring set flush into the concrete.