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Another Friday Fieldtrip

We love Friday's...we love making site visits...and we love our clients.

At the Thorn Residence, we discussed client concerns of skylights and ventilation, and answered contractor questions of material connections. Benchmark Modern is doing another amazing job making it all come together. Out at the Johnson Residence in Holladay, the finishing touches are wrapping up, with the clients expected to be moving in by the end of the month. Garrett with Tall Pines Construction has done spectacular and studious work actualizing the details of Imbue's designs. We ended the week at the Olympus Cove Project with an invitation to experience a puja, a Hindu house blessing ceremony performed in Sanskrit. The Imbue gentlemen were honored to be involved with the ritual, welcoming auspicious spirits and presenting offerings of sweets to trouble-making gods. It was a beautiful day to be out in the field!

spooning the garden (Thorn Residence)
opening the house to the site (Thorn Residence)
grinding the top layer of the slab, exposing small aggregate (Thorn Residence)
clients, contractors, imbue examining the floor (Thorn Residence)
entry pavers (Johnson Residence)
amazing space with 10 foot tall storage (Johnson Residence)
private decks off the bedrooms (Johnson Residence)
a room with a view...of the Wasatch mountains (Johnson Residence)
puja with Caru Das (Olympus Cove)
buried offerings (Olympus Cove)
clockwise procession, welcoming the site (Olympus Cove)
new retaining wall, accents a water feature and forms a larger backyard (Olympus Cove)
by matt