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Pasture Project Photographed

Mount Olympus + Architecture = Hells Yes

The long awaited and anticipated photo-shoot of the pasture project has finally come to fruition.  Due to the fact that landscaping would not be under way until late spring, we waited for the first healthy snow fall.... Four long months of ski deprived depression and we had the shot...

We would like to take a little blog time and graciously thank everyone involved on this gem of a project.  The clients C,V,E,R (Chris Templin, Virginia Pearce, Emmett Templin, Roxie Templin) who entrusted us with their dream when we were just getting our feet wet,  the contractor Benchmark Modern who never fail to impress us with their finely detailed modern oriented minds, the countless subs that didn't make nearly as much money as they deserve, ole man Templin for the best form of labor - free labor and most of all the Pearce family for their constant vision and drive against all odds..and some great bbq's.... cheers!

North East Corner

South Perspective

South East Perspective

35 Feet by 12 Feet of Sliding Glass Doors

Open Living Space

Dining Room

K Bar Electric or K Bar Design Group... you decide

Formal Living

Master Bedroom

A tub with a view

Brewed specifically for this project.. no joke.  thank you redrock brewing