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project field trip day

On this gorgeous Friday, Imbue Design enjoyed the morning visiting construction sites of our designs around the Salt Lake Vally. The newlywed clients from Olympus Cove Residence joined us at Pasture Project and The Johnson Residence to take a look at some design work in the making. First stop was the Pasture Project, where finish work is in the final stages. Benchmark has made it look great over here. It's awesome seeing the family moved in and occupying the spaces! This was an opportunity for the Olympus Cove clients to see the type of finishes and detail they could expect in their own house.  The Johnson Residence has progressed in framing, with the second floor accessible. Stepping up to the bedroom level brings a whole new vantage point to the Johnson lot...Mount Olympus rises into view for a great sight in the morning. Imbue went on to visit 101 Urbana, where Eightline Real Estate will be making their new office. A wood screen forms a continuous loop from the ceiling, wrapping down the walls, and embedding in the concrete floor. Stay tuned for more on this exciting tenant improvement...

the heart of the pasture

a place for living

along the path to the front door

mt. olympus in sight from the bedrooms

eightline reality and imbue design...harmony

plans presented like art work

roughed in