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Perverted Juniper Trees

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, but this fourth-generation translation of the Buddhist Retreat's description sums it up nicely.

House painting is very colorful in life. This fresh private house in Grover, Utah was principally urbanized by Imbue Design to be a comeuppance asylum for Tibetan Buddhist drill. Likewise, the building functions as a unimportant family residence. Due to the manifestation of enormous windows all the way through, the outdoor- indoor connection is very optimal. The dwellers are thus open wonderful views of the contiguous natural background consisting of a hulk red tableland with volcanic rocks also perverted juniper bushes. Agreeing to the smart architects, “the item deck of the smart house assignments horizontally purchasable keen on space headed for the red rock entrance of the square as the scenery slopes sad toward the grassy valley less. Sad through the deck the customer derives toward the record into a cosmos covered from the comeuppance sun by the surface exceeding. Arriving into the charming house, the leading living space all over again give directions the observation noticeable through a floor–to–ceiling, wall–to–wall structure of the red plateau beyond also lush green valley”.

Well said! We came across this through a very fruitful Google search.  You can find the original reference here.  You can find Freshome.com's original wording here