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Break the Grid

When architecture becomes too rigid, sometimes it's nice to break away from the grid.  The Stagecoach Dwelling does it both in form and function.

Formally, the main living space of the home resides in the curves of a prefabricated yurt structure that breaks away from the grid-based annex that houses the secondary functions of the building.

The large curving canopy over the outdoor living room shelters the space beneath.  It also supports an extensive grid of photo-voltaic panels that, thanks to the curve, are optimized to take full advantage of the sun's power at all times of the year.

Functionally, the project is completely off the grid.  A well for water, septic for sanitary, and photo-voltaic powered batteries leave this structure free from the grid and all utility bills.

The very thoughtful and conscientious clients wanted to demonstrate that one doesn't have to compromise style and comfort in order to be completely sustainable.

Interior shots [and amazing views] coming soon...