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COURTYARD : The architecture is intentionally grouped to create the perfect courtyard.   The exterior living space is both protected and cozy, yet captures the mind blowing zion canyon.  

INDOOR | OUTDOOR KITCHEN : Most people in this world socialize in the kitchen.  Why not add some borrowed space from another popular room.. the patio.  Slide the pocketing doors aside and the occupants can enjoy the quasi outdoor kitchen with the comforts of interior finishes.  

GARAGE | ROOF DECK :  The garage locale was investigated exhaustively.  The view was too valuable to interrupt with anything but vegetation.  To keep the view pristine the garage was located towards the rear of the project.  The location also provided a great opportunity for roof top access.  Feel free to dance on the roof with out waking the old folks.  Or get your Orion SkyView Pro 8" Equatorial Reflector Telescope out.

SPINE :  The concrete masonry unit wall acts as the projects spine.  This solid unifying element functions as a subtle focal point, creator of pathways, defining space, retaining and blocking out neighbors.

LOW MAINTENANCE:  Sheets of rusted steel and concrete masonry units clad the building.  These two materials will require 0 upkeep in our lifetimes.  Areas finished with T+G wood are protected from the elements with overhangs.  The wood should only require re-sealing every 10 years.

STEPS : The home steps with the natural grade.  From garage to house one experiences a number of steps, helping define space and literally heightening ones experience.  

FIREPLACE : Enjoy the warmth on a cool, beautiful, desert evening.  Extend your season or night where you will most likely want to hang out.. the outdoors.    

OUTDOOR SHOWER :  Wash the sand from your matted hair and spy a raven gliding across sandstone.    

CLERESTORY :  When the views are this good you want every opportunity to capture them.  See the west temple illuminate with a cup of joe from anywhere in the living space.  

GLAZING :  A classic esoteric architectural term for windows.. However these are no ordinary windows, lets eliminate the frame for max view.  More view is far more better.