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H2 Design Features

H2 Design Features


THREE STRUCTURES : Main house, casita, carport...three distinct structures to separate the function and use of the spaces. While footprint is slightly increased, personal privacy and security are increased. Travel light by keeping spare clothes stored in the house and don’t worry about the VRBO guests rifling through your unmentionables.

FUNCTION : In the main house, two en-suite bedrooms are divided with an open kitchen, living and dining space. The full kitchen can serve a gathering of eight friends and family. The casita is a bit more functional than requested, with a full en-suite bedroom separated from the kitchen and living room.

TALL vs INTIMATE : With ceilings at 12-feet tall in the main space of the house [10-feet in the casita], the view vertically soars to bring the nearby formations directly into the living spaces. Stepping down in scale, the private rooms are 8-feet tall, creating a cozy, contained space for the bedrooms.

ROOF DECK : Integrated into the parapet of the main house, a spacious outdoor living area is created above the guest bedroom to capture the spectacular vistas. Throw down a sleeping bag, set up a picnic table, or practice your sun salutations in this secondary outdoor hang out space for the house.

MATERIALS : Honed finished, earth toned concrete masonry units ground the private spaces of the house into the property, while the living spaces are enveloped with floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Sliding doors at the living room extend the interior space to the outdoor on-grade patio. Finally, large format wood panels reach from the interior ceiling to the exterior soffit.

INSULATE : Given the extreme temperature swings between seasons, the exterior masonry block provide thermal mass for the house, with cavity filled insulation on the interior. Thick ceiling planes help create a densely packed, tightly sealed building envelope with enough insulation to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

CARPORT : Rather than dominating the front corner of the property, obstructing sight lines with a garage, a low laying car port provides covered parking for two vehicles and some lockable storage.

WOOD FIREPLACE : Both main house and the casita have wood burning fireplaces. Not only can these appliances create radiant heat, both fireplaces have a strong sculptural quality, defining a great looking interior focal point.