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H1 Design Features

H1 Design Features


PITCH PERFECT : When you’ve got world class views you’ve got to take advantage.  The two corners of the home pointing out toward the views lift to capture the iconic megaliths through expansive window walls.  The resulting subtle, yet dramatic form of the home nods to natures perfect peaks that surround this fabulous lot.  It also nods to the mid-century masterpieces that you’ve grown to love in Palm Springs.  

SPACIOUSLY COMPACT : The average person wouldn’t dare to imagine that it would be possible to fit this much function in 1,600 square feet, much less one as spacious as this.  But you’re not the average person.  Get all the function you need and a bit of added luxury without compromise or breaking the bank.

MEET IN THE MIDDLE : Flanking both sides of the lot, the main house and the guest house create a central court yard perfect for communal gathering, bochi matches, relaxing, a future pool, and anything else you can dream up.  The guest-house provides protection and privacy from the cul de sac and any wandering hikers.

ALL THE RIGHT VIEWS:  The layout of the most important spaces [main house living, guest-house living, master bedroom] are strategically located to maximize the most significant views.  It also strategically prevents the views that make for awkward moments when accidental eye contact is made from one unit to the next.  Every room is a clothing optional safe zone.

LOCK IT OUT :  Dividing the master suite from the main residence truly makes this space a special retreat full of spectacular views and romantic innuendo.  It additionally provides a third lockout option for subletting the property to three parties.  It will pay for itself in no time.

OUTDOOR LIVING : Every tenant has their own outdoor space they can spill out onto during those oh-so-perfect summer nights: a party patio with a sliding glass wall in the main living space; a patio and outdoor shower off the master; and a breakfast patio off the guest-house. A communal shade patio located at the main entry offers a cool retreat for those oh-so-hot summer days.  With a short jaunt up the hill there is also a cost effective star gazing deck accessible by every unit.

POOL PLANNING : The courtyard is design to perfectly accommodate a pool with a generous pool deck, accessible by both buildings.

OVERHANGS : Large overhangs, especially on the west side, help to shade the home from the hottest desert sun keeping the inhabitants cool and making the structure look very cool.

DURABILITY : High quality materials means low maintenance living: stone clad walls, standing seam roof, and plywood ceilings.