N2 design features

N2 design features


AERODYNAMICS : “The study of the motion of air, particularly its interaction with a solid object”.  In this case a house.  The radial form helps eliminate drag, which effectively reduces the amount of snow drifting on and around the architecture.

RADIAL PLAN :  A circle encloses the largest area for a given amount of perimeter, reducing the amount of material needed.  Glass encompasses the living space, providing the occupants with a 180+ degree view of the powder mountain splendor.  

PROTECTION :  The residence is constructed of highly durable materials requiring little to no maintenance.  The curtains can be drawn for privacy or to retain addition warmth.  Close the entry storm door and the strongest winter gale passes by unnoticed.

SURFACE TREATMENT : The corrugated zinc surface acts in a similar manner to a golf ball.  The subtle undulating facade generates a thin turbulent layer of air which clings to the surface. This allows the smoothly flowing air to follow the buildings surface a little farther around the back side of the residence, thereby decreasing the size of the wake. An undulating surface thus has about half the drag of a smooth surface.  Less drag means less drifting, less drifting means less shoveling.

BRIDGE : One enters the project through a covered bridge.   This allows clearance from winter snow accumulations, keeping the structure high and dry.  

COVERED DECK : A large covered deck extends into the surrounding trees.  With the prevailing winds coming from the south-west the homes patrons should be able to enjoy the great outdoors during stormy weather.  

FLAT ROOF :  The flat vegetated roof is designed to perform in contrast to the facade.  The roof is built to hold the snow in place, the more the better.  The additional snow means greater insulation benefits.  Generally a meter of snow equates to an R - value of 40.  

SPA :  A sizable tub is the highlight of the spacious bathroom.  The tub is located to capture views of an ancient limber pine.  In addition to a lovely view the tree provides a level of privacy

KITCHEN :  Laid out for entertaining, the kitchen is oriented to capture the view.  Given the projects remoteness, cooking will likely be a regular event, thus it should be highly functional.