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H2 design features

H2 design features


ADDITION BY DIVISION : You asked for it, here it is.  This option splits the structure into three parts: a main house, a guest house, and a common ramada that connect the two.  The structures are situated to maximize privacy as well as the main views.

SLEEPS EIGHT : Don’t be deceived.  It’s compact but it has plenty of room to house two parties of four adults.  Pullout beds make room for guests because more really is merrier.  Bathrooms in each structure are accessible from the common spaces for easy access by dinner guests and overnighters alike.

SPANISH FOR “SO COOL!” : A ramada is a desert shade structure made to get out of the sun and for taking long siestas.  Divided into two spaces this ramada is great for summer and winter weather.  The upper porch offers maximum shade for keeping cool in the summer.  The lower deck is designed for winter sun basking by taking advantage of low winter sun angles.  Both are great for kid-filled tents and sleeping bags.

MAXIMUM VIEWS : By dividing the structure into two, and shifting one toward the bluff and the other toward the river, every space gets its own fantastic view.  Floor to ceiling windows bring nature right into the cabin.  That’s why you’re there, right?

AUTONOMOUS LIVING : The guest house has its own kitchenette so it can function independently from the main house.  This is great for those quick trips where you don’t want to make the effort to open up and close down the whole facility.  It’s also great for the times you feel particularly reclusive and don’t want to interact with “those people”.

MUSIC VENUE : The stairs double as seating, converting the ramada into a mini amphitheater for bands, cowboy poetry readings, and games of charades.  You won’t find a better stage in Boulder with a more beautiful backdrop.

DESERT DURABLE : With the same fire rating as concrete, ipe wood [also known as iron wood] has the strength to withstand the harshest of climates.  Modified, corrugated panels clad the the structure’s exterior as a rain screen to keep water and heat out.  Both materials require minimal maintenance and last for decades.

INSULATE : Super-insulated walls reduce energy consumption.