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H1 design features

H1 design features


SIMPLE : A rectangular form orients south-east, framing views down valley over the tree tops and toward the red bluffs. The orthogonal and modular scale minimize corners and simplifies structure, reducing construction time and material.  

SEE THROUGH : Frame-less glass walls allow an unimpeded transition from the interior of the cabin, and vice versa. Sliding doors open either end of the cabin, extending to patio spaces positioned for use at varied times of day, and season.

FUNCTION : Divided by the open kitchen, dining and living spaces, two master suites reside on either end of the cabin, each with a unique view and private patio. Recessed window and door planes, form an alcove and overhung space, shading the interior space from the summer sun.

MATERIALS : Sheet panels of rusting steel clad the exterior walls, creating a monolithic, maintenance-free, authentic material, with color tones that speak to the local red rocks. White stained hemlock soffit, ceiling and walls bring a warmth to the interior far beyond what paint and drywall can do. A mix of concrete and wood flooring provide a textural experience for the living and bedroom spaces.

STEP DOWN : Enter the cabin in a transition area, at the same floor level of the kitchen, dining and bedrooms, which have 9’ ceilings. Following the contours of the existing grade on site, five steps descend to the living space, resulting with a grand 12’ tall space.

INSULATE : Given the temperature swings between seasons, thermal protection for the house is provided with continuous exterior insulation. A deep ceiling plane ensures a densely packed, tightly sealed building envelope with enough insulation to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

SOLAR ACCESS : Beyond being a great star gazing platform, the flat roof provides an area for photovoltaic and/or solar hot water panels. With the panels directly mounted to the cabin, the utility room provides plenty of space for battery storage.

FIRE : The living room hosts two methods of fulfilling the primal urge to create fire; at the patio, a small wood burning fire pit is embedded in the concrete. On the interior, what looks like a wood burning stove, is actually a modern gas fireplace. This little unit puts out enough BTUs to offset those cool evenings without the need to turn on any mechanical system.