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14 R Exterior Final.jpg
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N1 design features

N1 design features


SCULPTED LANDSCAPE : Architecture and landscape become one through playful sculpting of the natural ground plane.  One portion of the building’s roof plane peels up skyward while the other folds down, following the natural slope of the site.  Everyone can walk around and through their home, but you can meander up and over as well.

LIGHT + AIRY : Folding upward, the living room ceiling plane seems to rest on walls of glass giving it a feeling of weightlessness and effortlessness.  This bathes the space in natural light and offers the inhabitants unlimited views.

PLANNED VIEWS : Although wide open in a 180 degree panoramic view, walls of glass strategically taper and terminate in deliberate locations in order to minimize views of the neighboring lots and maximize the views you want.  In the living portion of the nest, no space is without a view.

ROOF DECK : Everybody loves a rooftop deck with their elevated views and sense of freedom.  This roof gives you all the freedom you could want given that the walkable deck extends front to back, end to end.  Walk up, ski down, lay back and look at the stars, this rooftop deck is a playful way to experience every aspect of the building’s architecture.

PUBLIC VS PRIVATE : Keeping your public spaces separate from your private spaces not only gives you a place to retreat to when you’ve got a house full of guests, it also helps to zone your heating and cooling so you’re not putting energy into the spaces you’re not using at different times of the day.  The delineation of function is obvious: public where the ground plane elevates, private where is declines.

THERMAL SYNC : Sinking the structure into the hill side offers some killer energy efficient benefits.  The earth retained by the structure is the ultimate insulator.  Additionally, at four feet below the surface the temperature stays a constant 12 degrees Celsius, whether summer or winter.  Instead of heating from -5 degrees or cooling from 35, you’ll save energy staring in the middle.  Finally, earth is a great thermal mass, helping to smooth out Utah’s dramatic daily temperature swings.

SKI IN - SKI OUT: With the roof plane following the grade of the lot you can literally ski right up to your front door after a great day shredding pow.  The next morning ski right out from the lower level walk-out, directly onto the cat track below, all without even putting a boot in the snow.