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H3 design features

H3 design features


EXCAVATE : The abode is literally carved from the earth for a number of benefits.  1.  Less visual impact on the stunning environment. 2. Climate control - cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.  3.  Visual interest - saw cut sandstone, exposes the beautiful sedimentary history, think tree rings on a geologic scale.  4. To feel a stronger connection to the site.

NAKED STRUCTURE : The exposed structure hearkens back to a time when materials were gathered locally, labor was paid for in beer and the embodied energy of sweat, blood, tears lingers for generations.

HEARTH : Some like to call it hippy tv, we like to call it a social comfort magnet.  The large indoor / outdoor hearth acts as a focal point and central heating source.  Extend your patio season with the swipe of a match or heat the entire cabin when Jim forgets to fill the propane.  

GIMME SHELTER : As any outdoor enthusiast knows the desert can be unforgiving.  Significant overhangs surround the entire dwelling.  The largest overhangs shade the difficult east + west elevations, while the south overhang rejects an angry summer sun and invites in the friendly winter rays.

MAINTENANCE : The home is constructed of durable concrete masonry units, corrugated corten metal and timber.  The shed roof is an incredibly simple, time tested means to keep your house dry.  Don’t worry about degrading membranes, adhesives or untrained labor, shed it and forget it.

LIVE TOGETHER : What comes to mind when day dreaming of a cabin.. views, a relaxed environment, good company, a rack of ribs.  A cabin should be a retreat from a sequestered city life, a space to be shared, cooked in, lived in..

LIVE OUTSIDE : As mentioned before, the desert can be harsh.  The outdoor living spaces are located and designed for the greatest protect from the elements.  The cabins west side creates a perfect shelter from wind and [surprisingly] the evening sun.  The sandstone monolith helps as well as the CMU bedroom volume.  In addition, imagine the acoustic fullness as your make-shift band reverberates off the natural amphitheater.

FRESHEN UP :  When someone returns from a long hike covered in goat heads and emitting beef jerky musk.. send them straight to the outdoor shower.   Alternatively, fix yourself a soaking bath when the night stars resemble a velvet blanket.